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Thu, 21 May 1998 19:04:51 -0400

Randall R Randall wrote:

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> On Wed, 20 May 1998 18:54:58 -0400 Michael Lorrey <>
> writes:
> >But they wouldn't be getting paid fairly for it.
> Fair? According to whom? Why don't we let the
> free market decide what is fair, eh?

Sure, as long as its free enough for me to go nuke anyone who steals my
property....remember, I'm with the Force Doctrine camp as the source of human
rights. Whether I do it personally or have my government representatives do
it for me by proxy does not matter.....

> >This is about as logical as a
> >manufacturer only getting paid for some of the product he makes, i.e.
> not somthing
> >which should be legislated or forced on someone. Product for which a
> manufacturer
> >is not paid, and which he does not willingly donate to charity or give
> away is
> The problem with "stealing" information is that it is
> sooo difficult to show the missing information, since
> it isn't. As long as you still have something, I haven't
> stolen it.

See my other post. Unfortunately, you are talking to someone who knows about
this market.

> >Also, you are still ignoring my question as to why I or anyone should
> invent
> >something to benefit others without our say so as to who can benefit
> freely from it
> >and who pays. Anything less is theft.
> After you sell any other product, you don't insist that you
> continue to own it and can decide who gets it next, so
> why with information?

I don't sell my invention, I rent its use. A lease agreement (license) is not
a bill of sale.

> >All you are doing is akin to an attempt to legislate PI to equal 3. Get
> off your
> >subjectivist, post modern butt and pay for what you use. No free
> lunches.
> Not even for monopolists, right? I could go with that...

If inventions were monopolies, you might be right. However as any engineer
can tell you, there are always many ways to solve a problem. Only problems
are unique. Therefore, any one invention is not in a monopoly position in a
market. (contrary to popular beleif, Windows is not a monopoly, no matter
what the government says. As there are many other operating systems out there
that can be used, that anyone can choose from freely, Microsoft forces no one
to buy their product.)

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