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Fri, 22 May 1998 18:10:52 -0400

ChuckKuecker wrote:

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> >If inventions were monopolies, you might be right. However as any engineer
> >can tell you, there are always many ways to solve a problem. Only problems
> >are unique. Therefore, any one invention is not in a monopoly position in a
> >market. (contrary to popular beleif, Windows is not a monopoly, no matter
> >what the government says. As there are many other operating systems out there
> >that can be used, that anyone can choose from freely, Microsoft forces no one
> >to buy their product.)
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> I thought the Microsoft problem came from their strongarm tactics of
> telling PC vendors they could not offer competing software on PCs with
> Microsoft OS installed, thus preventing other software makers from
> contracting with these same vendors to include THEIR code..

The problem is that the complaintants are only the BIG PC makers. The small guys
don't care or have not had problems. Where Microsoft demanded this special
treatement with PC makers was because the big PC makers wanted specially low
pricing on Windows, lower than what they were previously paying on their normal
quantity scales. In exchange, Microsoft decided that they wanted tit for tat,
special treatment for special treatment. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned
this in the news at all....

> Something akin to the way car Chevy dealers used to be prohibited from
> selling other brands in the same showroom with Chevys - I believe something
> legal was done about that a few years ago.. Coke and Pepsi at the same
> fountain - etc. etc. etc. All these are 'monopolies' of a sort, aren't they?

No, they are merely competetive advantages. It seems that the Justice Dept has
strayed from mere anti-trust into the area of nullifying competetive advantage.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like many of the things that microsoft does, but they
are mostly to do with the way their software works. If their 'monopoly' is such a
problem with consumers, then the market should be able to protest with their
dollars just like any other democracy.

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