Re: Improving Concentration

Anders Sandberg (
18 May 1998 10:28:07 +0200

Michael Lee Bowling <> writes:

> However, most of my distractions are internal. My mind
> is a really noisy place. I've recently been engaged in a handfull of
> projects each requiring different modes of thinking(music, mathematics,
> coding, writing, video production). Some of them are more engaing (music)
> than others and clearing my head when I switch tasks is the part of the
> problem I'm trying to work out at this time.

Maybe you could use symbols or markers to denote your mode? "Thinking
hats" so to say. When you are working on music, put a bust of
Beethoven on your desk. When you switch to mathematics exchange it for
a bust of Newton instead, and so on. The presence of the marker will
remind you about what mode you should be in.

> Meditation seems to me as something I should try, but my first look into
> the subject revealed mostly mystic-type communing with mystic-type stuff,
> which I'm not concerned with. I just want to think more clearly and with
> greater focus.

I think much of what is called meditation is just a fancy form of
sitting around relaxing and thinking, either concentrated on a single
task or trying to let the various mental subprocesses calm down. I
think that can be learned without much teaching, but it requires
plenty of training anyway.

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