Re: Improving Concentration

Michael Lee Bowling (
Sun, 17 May 1998 12:31:27 -0500 (EST)

On 16 May 1998, Anders Sandberg wrote:

> Michael Lee Bowling <> writes:
> > I need to get more out the time I spend working on this and that. Can
> > anyone suggest rescources/techniques for improving concentration on the
> > task at hand?
> A good question, I look forward to hear what others respond with.
> I think a valuable method is to minimize real distractions. With real
> distractions I mean everything that makes you switch task - a small
> irritating sound isn't necessarily a real distraction, but the
> presence of another task (like answering email :-) that promises some
> reward or fulfills a duty will incite you to switch task when your
> concentration falters a bit. The solution is to place yourself in
> situations where there are few other tasks possible.

My work area is not as concentration conducive as it will be when I
re-assemble it. However, most of my distractions are internal. My mind
is a really noisy place. I've recently been engaged in a handfull of
projects each requiring different modes of thinking(music, mathematics,
coding, writing, video production). Some of them are more engaing (music)
than others and clearing my head when I switch tasks is the part of the
problem I'm trying to work out at this time. I've made some progress
simply by realizing and acknowledging what the problem is. (The problem
could be that I spread my self to thin, but I'm not going to drop anything
I find fullfilling until I've made an effort to sharpen myself.)
Meditation seems to me as something I should try, but my first look into
the subject revealed mostly mystic-type communing with mystic-type stuff,
which I'm not concerned with. I just want to think more clearly and with
greater focus.

Michael Bowling