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> If there are any transhumanists or extropians on the main list who
> have not yet subscribed to the exi-east list and live in the
> Washington, D.C. area, read on:
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> I would like to invite local DC transhumanists and extropians
> together for dinner within the next month....I know that there are
> some folks who have been trying to get together with us for awhile
> now, so let's try to pick a date and time when as many people as
> possible can join us! In the city, of course!
> I can shift my schedule around to accommodate most nights, except
> Tuesdays.
> Kathryn Aegis
I live in minnesota but i might be able to attend if i recive more
info like:
hotels in the area (reasonably priced)
an address
and a date, and time of arrival