Re: Hyper-AI's vs Transhumans

J. R. Molloy (
Fri, 8 May 1998 12:23:05 -0700

From: Anders Sandberg <>
>think the >Web concept has merit. Seen
from a distance in time and
>space, it might very well look like a
small fraction of humanity
>transcends almost immediately, but
close up it will be a wide movement
>involving plenty of people (definitely
more than a few thousand) and

Do you suppose that "wide movement" will
require membership subscriptions? Will
it screen applicants via some testing
procedure? Will shapely bimbos get
special placement consideration? Or will
it resemble a capitalist meritocracy in
which performance decides who gets

>Perhaps a better discussion would be
how we *practically* immanentize
>the transcension? :-)

Yeah, I had that in mind when asking.