Re: ECON The Abolition Of Work

Paul Hughes (
Fri, 01 May 1998 19:08:48 -0700

den Otter wrote:

> Let's just hope that human intelligence augmentation arrives before powerful
> AI. It would be a shame to die on the threshold of ascension by the hand of
> our own creations. I prefer the idea that "robots shall inherit the earth, and
> _they shall be us_."

I am currently working on a paper with the temporary title of: "Collaborative
Transhumanist Networks as Immunizing Agents Against Super-AI Viral Outbreaks" or
words to that effect.

I have reason to believe, which I'm elaborating in my paper, that networks of
transhumans have the potential of competing with super-AI's long enough to aquire
intelligence augmentation (presumably nanotechnology) sufficient to compete on a
level playing field with possible malign Super-AI's.

Paul Hughes