Re: Fear of Life (was Microsoft, Automation)

J. R. Molloy (
Fri, 1 May 1998 18:48:41 -0700

From: Jones, Spike
>yup. we may be seeing the fear that
the five jobs
>created are for people *other* than the
one displaced.
>it might be early yet for extropians to
declare victory over
>the problem of creating a society that
has no need for
>its less qualified members. spike

Problem? What problem? "No need" you
say? I don't even want "less qualified
people" around. We'd have a better
world, IMNSHO, if we created a society
without less qualified people
altogether. <g>

But seriously folks, if extropianism has
anything to do with "a society that has
no need for
its less qualified members", then Mexico
must have a huge extropian head start
over the US. Or do you believe that the
hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens
crossing the border into California,
Texas, and Arizona all have advanced
engineering degrees and doctorates in
computer programming? I don't think so.

The sooner (American) extropians
"declare victory" the sooner less
qualified migrants will get the message,
and stop pouring into America. For every
displaced worker in the (extropian) US
and UK, you can count five in
(anti-extropian) countries.

The newsreels I've seen of
quasi-capitalist China indicate that
displaced workers from anywhere only
need to learn Chinese to get plenty of
jobs there.

On second thought, I guess I rather
prefer a society that has no need for
its less qualified members. After all --
consider the alternative, i.e., a
society that *needs* its less qualified
members. Such a loopy society would not
last long.



"Whenever I watch TV and see those
poor starving kids all over the world, I
can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to
be skinny like that but not with all
those flies and death and stuff."
--Mariah Carey