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Religion is such an inherent part of humanity is it amazing so many so
called 'intellectuals' disregard it.

I honestly pity anyone who has not read or seen James Campbell.

In any event, the 'Christian' religion seems most stated.

May I remind all readers there *WAS NO MOSAIC TRADITION* prior to the
'captivity', which was an historic event of around 586 BCE. After
this time the powers that be (Babylonian emperors) let the captives go
back to their respective homelands. Judah (the 'Israelites') were of
such non-importance *NO* mention of them is made in *ANY* text of the
period. Several hundred thousand Jews is *NOTHING* compared to the
millions of Egyptians or the Assyrians or the Hittites or whatever.

The most amazing thing is that this insignificant race has managed to
promote itself into a world power.

Moses is a derivative of Ramses a derivative of Ra Moses...meaning
(methinks) Son of the Sun, born of water.

All of which is a derivative of the ancient (many thousands of
year)pre-Jewish history of the Babylonian mythologies.

There was Gilgamesh, looking for immortality, surviving the flood.
(I'll remember the Babylonian 'Noah' any day, I just can't at the
There was Sargon, obtaining the Code of Law from 'god'.

There are dozens of other examples.

The entire Jewish/Christian mythos was stolen directly from Babylon,
who's mythos may have been stolen from even ancient traditions. The
'flood' has been possibly related to the flooding of the Black Sea
during the warming period after the Great Glacial Period.

Extropians should recognize and teach these phenomenon based on fact.
Whether you believe in religion or not, religion WILL BE a factor in
human psyche for many generations. It is up to those able to
interpret the symbology to instruct those who cannot.

This will be doubly important to those who may opt to 'upload' and not
able to understand. There will be a whole new 'religion' when (and
if) this happens. 'Do yo believe in human?' will be a prominent

Do not underestimate the power of history, humanism, or what has
always been accepted.

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> Bible is not a whole lot of fun primarily because it is so easy. It
> interesting how much of the Bible is incorrectly translated, or
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> in such a way as to completely lose the context of the original
> There are many oft-repeated verses from the Bible that do not appear
> the
> original texts, mostly the consequence of centuries of content
> massaging.
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