Science is about Truth

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 20:19:05 -0400

At 10:42 PM 4/29/98 -0500, Scott Badger wrote:

>>> IAN: If science seeks knowledge, does
>>> science seek true or false knowledge?
>>As I explained knowledge is neither defined as true or false, the only
>>attribute of knowledge is that it produces more knowledge and/or
>>information. For instance, creationism is not knowledge since it
>Science pretty much says that _truth_ is a matter of predictive and
>external validity. If we discover a relationship that is replicable
>and thus predictable, we tentatively call it truth-like.

IAN: I certainly agree with that more that the
complete divorce of science and truth. However,
to say that something is "life-like," we have
know what life is, and likewise, to say that
something is "truth-like" we have to know
what truth is. I can't say that X is
like Y, yet say that Y is unknown.

Truth simply is the physical reality, true
knowledge is knowledge that has a one-one
relation with the physical reality. To say
X is true is to say that X exists or that
it models existence accurately. Science
is about truth because it is about the
physical universe and learning its
laws, principles, and structure.

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