Re: Science is about Truth

Ian Goddard (
Sat, 02 May 1998 15:17:51 -0400

J. R. Molloy ( wrote:

>From: Ian Goddard <>
>> Truth simply is the physical reality, true
>> knowledge is knowledge that has a one-one
>> relation with the physical reality. To say
>> X is true is to say that X exists or that
>> it models existence accurately. Science
>> is about truth because it is about the
>> physical universe and learning its
>> laws, principles, and structure.

>Okay, now we have:
>Truth = Physical Reality
>So, if you seek the ultimate truth, that
>equates to: you seek the physical
>reality. But since /you/ constitute part
>of the physical reality, knowing
>yourself equals knowing the truth.
>Consequently, knowing the truth
>correlates to knowing yourself.
>Furthermore, "the truth will make you
>free" parallels "you will make you free"
>or "physical reality will make you
>free." Well, no one has called me "free"
>lately, but I like to think of myself as
>/reasonable/, if not really inexpensive.

IAN: A valid analysis, which calls for
a broader definition of truth. Yes, the
physical you is truth, but I think when
we say science is about truth, or "The
truth will set you free," we refer to
the larger physical reality of which
you are but a subset. Science may be
said to be the pursuit of understand-
ing that larger reality and the con-
text/relation of any subset and it.

That is what holism address directly,
while atomism address subset minus
whole, which is always a fallacy.

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