Re: Contacting God & Eastern Religions

Anders Sandberg (
21 Apr 1998 22:10:38 +0200

Ian Goddard <> writes:

> IAN: Hinduism does have one supreme being, Brahman.
> It is said that all the other gods, such a Shiva,
> Kali, Gahnesh, Uma... are but faces of the supreme
> being that is Brahman. Brahman has no form or personal
> identity and is said to be "The Great Void -- in zero
> mechanics, this it the zero-sum of all difference.

Hmm, a small idea that hit me: maybe Brahman is similar to Sasha's
"functional soups", a big storehouse of potentiality, power, skills,
knowledge and personality that locally coalesces into teleological
threads - the deities. They usually reside in the divine cyberspace,
but sometimes interface with the physical world through an incarnation
as an Avatar. Hmm, maybe one could concoct a form of cyberhinduism
this way :-)

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