Re: Contacting God

Anders Sandberg (
21 Apr 1998 22:13:41 +0200

"Erik Moeller" <> writes:

> (Source: Encyclopedia Britannica Online, as cited in "Haremberg Aktuell 97".
> I also have EB online so if something is unclear I can lookup there, too. I
> hope all translations are understandable.)

Interesting to note that there were no numbers for atheists and agnostics.

> You cannot be "religously neutral", that's a contradiction in terms. Either
> you say that you believe in the presence of supernatural power(s) or you say
> you don't.

And don't forget the agnostics, who either say "we don't know" or "we
*cannot* know" when questioned about the supernaturals.

> There are a few who don't believe in God but are afraid that they
> are hit by a lightning when they admit it. They are called agnostics ;-)

No, they are the theophobes... :-)

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