Re: Uploading and Nanotech

=- deluxe -= (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 22:21:16 -0700

I would say nanotech.

BUT not in the advanced form consisting of tiny robots.

U/Ling may arrive but like so many technological advances, I'd predict
its arrival as a sudden fit of technological evolution, not as a
graduated science.

Has anyone heard of a new use of MRI technology which can be used to
modulate the visual cortex? Its a rumor that sounds like super fringe
science, but I'd like to hear if there's any truth to it.

Anyhow, regarding the original question. The question seemed to be
focused on the singularity, and since the first nano tech will probably
not satisfy this function, I'd say the first singularity-oriented
advance will most likely be U/Ling..

My opinion isn't based on science, just an over active imagination.

-= deluxe =-

Tony B. Csoka wrote:

> A rather simple question occured to me:
> "Which technology will appear first: Nanotechnology, or Uploading?"
> Whichever comes first would obviously have major implications for the
> way we evolve into Posthuman form.
> Opinions anyone?