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Fri, 17 Apr 1998 19:01:18 GMT

On Fri, 17 Apr 1998 21:15:14 +0400 (MSD), Eugene Leitl
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>Steve Van Sickle writes:
> > Not quite. 21st Century Medicine has been recovering dogs from 15
> > minutes of body temperature cardiac arrest. They have recovered dogs
> > from around 4 hours of cardiac arrest at just above the freezing
> > point with all the blood washed out and replaced (and even longer
> > with intermittant mechanical perfusion).
>I seem to recall that canine specimen's age played a great role in
>successful recovery. Anyway, 21CM is doing incredible work -- and we
>are likely to expect even more dramatic results if the research will
>go to full time mode. Yay for 21CM!
>Btw, the recent week has been pretty stormy again on CryoNet. Very
>good points have been made by CP/MD, I'd only wish the entire debate
>could have occured in a more constructive atmosphere. (Complacency
>in face of grave deficiencies would have been worse, though).

Sometimes I have to wonder about Ettinger's motivations, though. As I
understand it, in Michigan, where CI is located, there are strict laws
prohibiting anyone who is not a mortician from performing the kind of
work necessary for a cryopreservation.

Of course, there are workarounds for this (become a mortician, do the
work out of state, as I'm sure much of it already is), but you have to
wonder, though.

Since CI has such a fat bankroll as compared to the other orgs, it
would sure be nice if they would really fund some real research.
Randy Smith
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