HEALTH: re Legalon

Brian D Williams (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 13:03:55 -0700 (PDT)

From: "den Otter" <>

>Highly recommended for any liver-related problems, and for
>healthy people who are planning to do some heavy drinking,
>eat greasy food etc. The active ingredient is a plant extract
>("Mariendistelfruchte", that's German, I don't have the English
>name right now), and it's extremely safe to use. Great to
>stimulate your appetite too. This is not some gimmick, but
>a medicine that's been successfully used for several decades
>to treat people with cirrhosis, acute poisoning and other
>damage to the liver. It has a strong regenerating and protective

>I got mine from Madaus AG,
>51101 Koln

>There's probably some info on the net about it (LEF?), but my
>browswer is down right now so I can't look. In any case, highly
>recommended (and with almost immediate results).

If your out to protect your liver from toxins, jog down to local
General Nutrition Center and pick yourself up some Milk Thistle.
The active ingredient is silymarin (sp?) which is also found in
artichokes. Mammals at a prophylactic dose of 400mg have been found
to be immune to Death Caps, the most poisonous mushroom in North

That convinced me.....

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