Re:Plane crashes and other accidents

Hal Finney (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:29:07 -0700

I can't see a situation where it would be safe and practical for the
passengers in a commercial jet to put on parachutes and jump out.
It would take a long time to get everyone strapped in and out of the
airplane. Few emergencies reveal themselves far enough in advance that
this could be done.

Jumping out of a jet is not going to be very safe. Jets tend to fly
a lot faster than planes normally do when dropping parachuters. There
may not be a good place to jump out from, and you could be blown into
the wings or engines. Parachuting itself requires some skill, so that
you don't release the chute while tumbling and become entangled in it.
Then, as was mentioned, there is the issue of landing and being rescued.

All in all it seems very unlikely that this would be a practical method
to save lives.