Re: Anarcho Capitalism

Hagbard Celine (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 02:38:20 -0400

John K Clark wrote:

> Of course, we wouldn't need to worry about an invading country if countries
> no longer existed, but as you point out, nation states are unlikely to die at
> the same time.

Okay, this bugs me. Whether a nation-state exists or not, don't you
still need to worry about war?

> There is no point in denying it, we will need to protect ourselves, when
> nations start to undergo death convulsions some may become downright nasty.

Do you think that that war is over forever once these death convulsions

> About
> half of the defense budget involves defending third parties in Europe, Japan,
> Australia etc for free (...)

Okay, this is more than I know, but I have to ask, does any
self-interested government do anything for free? I in particular feel
that nothing benevolent is done without an ulterior motive, conscious or

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