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>As it's very unlikely that the world would turn Anarcho-Capitalist
>all at once, so what happens if an anarcho-capitalist country is
>attacked by a non-anarcho-capitalist country? Would we of subscribed
>to an army? and who will do the fighting?

Good question. Most anarchists, myself included, think that defense against
unfriendly nations is the single most difficult problem of all to answer.
Of course, we wouldn't need to worry about an invading country if countries
no longer existed, but as you point out, nation states are unlikely to die at
the same time.

There is no point in denying it, we will need to protect ourselves, when
nations start to undergo death convulsions some may become downright nasty.
Protection costs money, I estimate it would take about 1/8 what an American
citizen now pay in taxes for defense to protect the continental USA. About
half of the defense budget involves defending third parties in Europe, Japan,
Australia etc for free, it takes government twice as much to do anything than
anybody else and the army is about twice as big as it needs to be. That's
about 1/40 of the what the US government extorts from taxes, remember the
complete defense budget is only about a fifth of the total budget. That's
still a lot of money, where will it come from?

Every year people give billions of dollars to charities even though they gain
no advantage from it. They also pay billions of dollars in tips, they don't
have to but they do it because they think it's the right thing to do. I don't
think it's crazy to say that they would do the same thing for defense,
especially since unlike charity and tipping it would help them directly.
Perhaps additional money could come from offering protection services to
other countries for a price.

How can I guarantee that this voluntary army won't switch from being a
protector to being an oppressor? I can't. I can't give you an iron clad
guarantee that the US Army wont overthrow the government and set up a
military dictatorship either. They certainly have the means to do so if they
wished to. I don't think that's very likely to happen, but it's far more
likely than the sort of army I'm talking about doing it. The instant a
voluntary army starts acting in a totalitarian way, shut off it's money
supply and stop its cancerous growth in the bud. That is a powerful tool that
we don't have today, with the US. Army you are forced to keep sending it
money even if you hate what it's doing.

John K Clark

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