Re: dumbocracy

Eric Watt Forste (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 13:08:47 -0700

Hagbard Celine wrote:
> Privacy, Anton, is a thing of the past.

A little while later, Mark Grant posted:
> Ah, "experience escrow" is here at last... (such systems will, of
> course, produce access for the "legitimate needs of law enforecement").

I hope Mark's comments will make it little clearer to Mr. Celine
why his remark to Anton aroused such vitriol from some of the
other list members.

Mr. Celine's namesake, a fictional character in a famous novel,
once observed "Without private property, there can be no private
life." Mr. Celine might also want to keep in mind that without
privacy, there can be no private property.

Erik Moeller, for instance, might be happy to do away with all
private life, once and for all, and condemn all human beings to
permanently live the life of a politician, but I suspect many here
would struggle to escape from such a fate. I know I would.

Mr. Celine, you've read your Wilson, but have you read your

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