Re: Dyson spheres are not dark

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 15:19:47 -0400

Dejan Vucinic wrote:
> Meisner@ACT.ORG wrote:
> > Why, after infinite past time, with Some Big Smart Entity having
> > surely evolved by now, do we find ourselves in a universe with more
> > than a sextillion stars wastefully dissipating their energy; i.e. a
> > universe full of chaos and entropy?
> >
> > This is, perhaps, an extrauniversal extension of Fermi's Paradox: a
> > typical intergalactic civilization should be able to do a great deal to
> > control cosmic entropy, slapping Dyson spheres around all those stars
> > to prevent their waste of energy and whatnot. So why do we live in such
> > a wasteful galaxy, among so many other wasteful galaxies? As Fermi
> > asked, "Where are they?" And why aren't they cleaning things up?

Perhaps they have a more evolved aesthetic sense than you. Perhaps they
value the diversity of variously independently evolve intelligences more
than some eventual cosmic dissolution. Given that the stars in our sky
have been probably the most inspirational thing in history, taking that
sight away from millions of possible intelligent races is in my opinion
a huge crime, not only that, but those races caught on a planet inside a
dyson sphere would eventually be baked to death, so not only does this
mean the death of inspiration, but the death of innumerable
intelligences. Perhaps they know of a way out of this universe for
advanced races to follow to avoid the end of this one. Perhaps they
value the pace of evolution races will take from matter based to energy
based organisms. There are many possible answers to Fermi's Paradox that
still leave open the possibility for other intelligent species.

Givne that we as a race are nowhere near as rapaciously expansive as we
once were, I would expect that by the time we are expanding out into the
universe in large numbers, we will have achieved a rather Buddha-like
peacefulness and respect for potential.

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