Re: dumbocracy

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 12:35:57 -0400

Hagbard Celine wrote:
> Anton Sherwood wrote:
> > "Hagbard Celine" writes
> > : So then the problems with dumbocracy can be corrected. Keep all people
> > : well-informed.
> >
> > As well informed about EVERYONE ELSE as about themselves?
> >
> > Never mind rational ignorance, we've got a serious privacy problem here.

> Anyway, about the issue of democracy. Can we agree that if everyone is
> well-informed, the problems which Mark suggested dissipate?

If you are successfull in repealing the 9th and 10th amendments, let me
know. Of course, first you'll have to repeal the second amendment to
keep me from coming after you with my assault rifle when you do.

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