Re: dumbocracy

Hagbard Celine (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 02:50:11 -0400

Anton Sherwood wrote:

> "Hagbard Celine" writes
> : So then the problems with dumbocracy can be corrected. Keep all people
> : well-informed.
> As well informed about EVERYONE ELSE as about themselves?
> Never mind rational ignorance, we've got a serious privacy problem here.

Interesting how you placed my handle in quotes. A subtle dig -- or not

Ignorance, indeed.

Privacy, Anton, is a thing of the past.

Without splitting hairs, to cling to the idea that what we do is in any
way private, or even should be, is IMO worthless. Technology will see to
that. When the first hot-air ballooner lifted himself over a wall and
saw what the neighbors were really doing, what did the neighbors scream?
Probably something to do with privacy. So then we should've scrapped the
idea of flight? I can't wait until someone figures out a way to read a
person's mind. What will be the first thing the Philistines will scream?
It will probably have something to do with privacy.

I hope I don't sound like I'm flaming, but I must admit, my guard is up.

Nonetheless, my identity does not depend upon what people know about me.

Anyway, about the issue of democracy. Can we agree that if everyone is
well-informed, the problems which Mark suggested dissipate?