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The Low Golden Willow (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 21:23:32 -0700 (PDT)

On Jun 23, 8:43pm, "Abraham Moses Genen" wrote:

} > Please don't post HMTL to the list; it's annoying, wastes bandwidth and
} > very hard to read. It's particularly annoying when you also quote the
} > entire post you're replying to for no obvious reason.

} Apparently, at least one member of this select circle has not upgraded to a
} browser that can read HTML. In an attempt to please a possible minority of
} one (at least until he upgrades) I'll write in plain script.

Two, and it isn't entirely a question of "upgrading". Even when the
mailer I use on this cluster knows enough to recognize a MIME message
there's generally no point. Often I'm on a terminal, in which case I
can't see anything special. Sometimes I'm on an X console; then I'm
asked permission to go into MIME mode. If I say yes it spawns another
xterm and displays the message in a small font. Oh boy, the advance of
technology. Using bold or italics isn't exactly worth the effort. And
then I might want to save the text...

Not that I'd call mush (ancestor of Zmail, I hear) a "browser". Runs a
lot faster, for one thing.

This is a mailing list. Use e-mail and e-mail programs. HTML is nice,
but more expensive. Specifically running graphics programs is expensive
in time and memory. I prefer not to enter that realm unless there's
reason to do so. I will ignore people whose messages take more effort
to read than they are worth.

Merry part,
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