Early extropian influences (Was Re: BASICS: Anarcho-capitalism)

I William Wiser (wwiser@best.com)
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 19:06:08 -0700

Max More wrote:
>Apart from introducing me to anarcho-capitalism through the fictional
>Hagbard, I have to thank Robert Anton Wilson for first showing me that
>cryonics was done for real, through the sad story of his daughter Luna's
>suspension in Cosmic Trigger. Anyone else find their way to these ideas
>through Wilson?

Interesting, I read these books at about 14 and I don't even remember
the term Libertarian. I had forgotten all about the cryonics story
until you mentioned it. I do remember lots of weird stuff and it all
got lumped in together. I also read Prolongevity at about the same time.
I already wanted to live forever but I had not yet shaken off lots of
religious beliefs so pyramid power was about as appealing as cryonics.

I would love to hear the history of how various people on the list came
to hold some of their extropic ideas.

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