Consciousness and the soul

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>Describe to me a random event, any event that you (or anyone else)
>believes to be completely random.

A photon polarized at 45 degrees encounters a polarizer set at 90 degrees.
Only 2 things can happen, the photon can pass through the polarized
completely unharmed or it can be stopped completely, modern Science has no
way of predicting which will happen, the probability is exactly 50, 50.
You could say there might be some cause that we just haven't found yet,
but experimental results have proven that Bell's inequality is violated,
so if there is such a cause it must be non local. A non local "cause" would
not weaken with distance, it could instantly change something on Earth even
if the "cause" was 10 billion light years away and do so without changing
anything between here and that distant location. It would also mean that
reverse causality is real, the reason of you just won a thousand dollars at
the roulette table is a cause that has not happened yet and will not happen
for a million years. A non local cause would be utterly bizarre, so different
from our everyday meaning of "cause " that we'd really need to invent a new
word for it.

>The only problems I can see are with consciousness as software, i'm
>unsure as to the level of abstraction possible (can we save
>consciousness as a set of rules or do we need to simulate every last

Every time you drink a cup of coffee you remain you, even though your brain
is changed FAR more that a little quantum uncertainty concerning the position
of some of your atoms.

John K Clark

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