Re: Free Speech vs big money spin

Abraham Moses Genen (
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 10:48:17 -0400

John K Clark and Rick Knight engaged in a dialogue which included the
> >
> I concede that stupidity can be hazardous to your health, and perhaps it's a character flaw on my part but I just don't have a burning desire to make the world safe for fools, especially when it would mean less freedom for me.
> I think of it as Evolution in action.

>In most things in a cooperative democracy, there are limits
That's one reason most of us on this list do not believe in democracy, I
certainly don't.

Dear fellow Extropians,

Could it be that there is some confusion between stupidity and

There is a difference between those who do are unenlightened and have
not yet, but are willing to learn, and those who have been taught to
fear knowledge and therefore will not learn beyond the limitations
imposed upon them by their culture.

Is it possible that given the appropriate circumstances we call all
learn far more than we have been taught?

Is it possible that rather than reject democracy as a system we can
learn to adapt the prevailing system to provide for full participation?

Quo Vadis?

A.M. Genen