Re: Sensitive issues

Abraham Moses Genen (
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 10:23:34 -0400

Mark Grant and Rick Knight wrote in part:
It does occur for me that amongst the many contributors to this list,
there is a preference for those things most proveable, tangible and
material rather than anything etherial, supposed, or otherwise imagined.

Personally I want to achieve a variety of tangible things; the only
reliable way of doing that is to concentrate on the tangible, provable
and material aspects of life. I've met zillions of people who dream
about and talk about achieving many things, but few who actually do
anything about it. The latter folks have a high success rate, the former
almost zero.

Dear Fellow Extropians,
Sometimes it's simply circumstances that determine the degree of
supposed success.

It may occur to some that both Rick and Mark are partially correct.

Posibly, in the diversity of opinion and the variables of circumstances
we are all attempting to achieve our lifes dreams.

To what extent does our degree of success matter if it has no
constructive effect on future generations?

A.M. Genen