Re: advantages of uploading

Rick Knight (
Mon, 16 Jun 97 11:05:00 CST

"Rick Knight" writes regarding the transition from nomadic herding to
> So history (or a cultural trend) should repeat itself? No thanks.

Robin then inquired:

What do you mean here? That you will personally not want to upload,
or that you will try to prevent this historic event by stopping others
of us from uploading?

And I clarify:

It was actually a tangent thought off the "uploading" thread. I'd
welcome the ability to upload as I am ongoingly ravenous for
information but I didn't quite get the herding/farming analogy. And
I'd never want to prevent others from doing what they want although
I'm not crazy about Hale-Bopp style suicide pacts, White Supremacy
movements and the like.

The herding/farming transition definitely complicated life but it also
ushered in a period of mindless domination and proprietorship that is
all but taken for granted today. It's a trigger issue for me (kind of
like abortion: I'm for it rights-wise but not comfortable with it
life-wise) since agriculture ultimately enabled the sciences and the
arts but at the expense of marching over the backs of the many who
were at first slaves, then serfs, now consumers <G>.