Earth to God?

Rick Knight (
Mon, 16 Jun 97 10:07:37 CST

Damien Broderick wrote about Jim Penman:

"My own weirdness indicators started flashing when I learned,
elsewhere, that Penman is an evangelical Christian who believes that
God intervenes on your behalf if you pray. On the other hand, he's a
self-made millionaire with a franchise business, so maybe he's right
about God's help. And on the other other hand, he claims that his
historical models are derived from refutable aggregations of data and

My response:

Hmmmm. Might want to look at that. Perhaps it's appropriate to
"believe" in God when the return on investment is viable. <G>

I get occasionally tweaked by the credulity of someone who calls
themselves "born again" "evangelical" and particularly
"fundamentalist" as an adjective to describe their Christian beliefs.
It's probably a trigger effect from being raised in the South around
all the B.S. I finally decided that most of the people espousing
eternal life were not people I'd want to spend it with (given the
little kid perspective that "heaven" is small enough where you'd often
bump into people you didn't care for).

That person who regularly prays, whether to God, the Universe, Mother
Earth, Buddha, who/whatever is focusing their intention which is the
first step towards bringing something tangible out of the
imagination/mind. Many Christians don't even get this because they
are still behaving like programmed peasants of the Middle Ages (your
reward is in heaven not here, suffering is good, poverty is noble,

I recently read on the effect of benevolent/positive thinking/feeling
vs. malevolent/negative thinking/feeling on one's genetic structure.
Manifesting a loving energy, exercising compassion, discernment, less
likely to judge and deride may be a determining factor in activating
more of the 64 potential DNA combinations (of which we use about 1/3)
in our genetic makeup. The oscillating effect of higher benevolent
energy intersects our DNA more frequently and increasing the
likelihood of activating more of the currently inactive amino acid

I'm intrigued.