Re: 2 modest (po)s (was Re: Cultural Dominants)

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 18:43:55 -0700

OK, so you didn't bite on either one. I need a Socrates refresher course.
:) I'll just cut to the chase:

1) your claim that there are no cycles in history is contradicted by the
behavior of traffic on Van Nuys Boulevard just about every weekday.
This does not mean that any particular would-be Toynbee has it any more
right than Jeane(sp?) Dixon.

2) I take it that a serious response was beneath your dignity. Pity. I
consider the question of whether there are "types" of people to be an open
question. SO, one last try at a reasonable approach to a related question:

(po) When is a "profile" a prejudice?

MMB, still looking for a mind at the other end of the line...

>Yup, sleeping is mythical, so is breathing, so is menstruation, so is the
>heartbeat, etc. All mythical.
>There are two types of people; those who place people into types, and those
>who don't.

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