Transhuman Technological Evolution

Natasha V. More (
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 00:11:18 -0500

Does anyone have the correct or approximate dates for the following
transhuman technological events and names of individuals who pioneered?

ABC (electronic computer) (Atanasoff & Barry) 1942
The Game of Life - Cellular Automata (Conway) (1970) ?
Artificial Intelligence ?
Electronic Art 1950s
Human in space (Gagarian on Vostok 1) 1961
Transhuman cryonically suspended 1967
Implants (artificial heart) (Cooley) 1969
Genetic engineering (Cohen & Boyer) 1973
Philosophy of Extropy (More) 1988
Nanotechnology (Drexler or Freynman?) 1981?
Gender changes ?
Test Tube Baby 1978
The Internet (TCIP Protocal) ?
A-Life ?

Thank you kindly.

Natasha Vita More [fka Nancie Clark]
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