An Apology From the Libertarian List

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>Hi there!
>Thanks for your comments.
>I certainly don't think I conscripted anyone -- I'm totally opposed to
>conscription, the more so having grown up under its shadow. It's a
>judgment call -- some people thank me, some -- errrr... -- don't.
>To me, it seems like people in their own homes or offices shouting 'I'm
>trapped!!! Let me out!! I've been kidnapped!" when the situation is
>entirely under their own control, and all the doors are open.
>I should say that -- of all the people I have sources for -- the Extropians
>are the most interesting, rational and articulate. I've never been on the
>Extropians list, but we've published Max, and Russell used to live at
>Chris's flat. I like Max and Russell.
>Please convey my apologies to the Extropian community for any inconvenience
>which I may have -- entirely inadvertantly -- caused them. I thought they
>would be _pleased_, and encounter fellow-spirits. That's all.

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