Re: Why are we allowed to age?

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> In a message dated 6/12/97 8:51:30 PM, Micheal Lorrey wrote:
> >As we can
> >see in the present, by technologically changing this dynamic, we are
> >risking our species survival because we are all living too long, and too
> >many of our children are surviving to reproduce...
> Our species survival isn't threatened in the least. In almost any major
> worldwide catastrophe, we would be the last large mammal to go. Several of
> the other last-ditch survivors, like rats and cockroaches, are parasites on
> our society. It's the survival of species that don't have roles in
> human-dominated ecosystem which is threatened by human population growth.

How many top notch antibiotics from just a few years ago are now
considered worthless? There is a new predator in this "human dominated
ecosystem" and you can't even see it. Unless the population pressure is
released by space colonization, our overburdening of the ecosystem will
be our own demise. Since the ecosystem is our life support system on
spaceship earth, claiming that its demise would not endanger us is like
claiming you can shut off oxygen in the space shuttle and expect to live
more than a few hours.... Don't get me wrong, I still think we will
survive, but it will wind up becoming a VERY near thing, so much so that
we will have a minimum of several decades to as much as a century of
work to repair the damage once we've "graduated".

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