Why are we allowed to age?

Joao Pedro (jpnitya@mithlond.esoterica.pt)
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 00:39:28 -0700


I would like to know your opinion about why are we allowed to age? Why,
after millions of years of evolution, we still age?

Following the darwinist concept of evolution, surely a trait that would
allow one individual to live longer than the others would be favoured.
Indiduals with these trait would produce more offspring and therefore
the trait would soon be present in the general population. This,
however, doesn't happen with humans neither (as far as I know) other
mammals. If, there are species capable of such intellectual skills (such
as us) and many other species with amazing skills, why hasn't a
non-aging process evolved in many more species that it did?

I'm pratically new to this mailing list so I hope I get some answers.

Hasta la vista...

"No evolutionary future awaits Man except in association with all other
 men." - P.T.De Chardin
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