Dan Hook (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 17:45:03 -0400

>From Newsweek (June 9th):

...MetaTools ... recently acquired a new technology to make a fast and
portable 3-D scanner, and plans to bring it to the masses at a price we can
afford. The setup ... includes a camera rig the size of a large Kleenex
box, and software that lets you edit images on a regular home PC. A
consumer version should hit stores in 1998.

It won't exactly be the virtual reality of gamer's dreams, but its an
important step. It would be considerably more interesting playing Diablo
or Doom while seeing an actually image of the person I'm working with, or
trying to kill. It will bring desensitization to violence to a whole new

Dan Hook
> From: Anders Sandberg <>
> Date: Tuesday, June 03, 1997 5:00 PM
> Enhanced reality games overlaid on reality: imagine playing Doom with
> your friends for real! Watch out for the car-monsters, they can also
> kill for real...