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On Tue, 3 Jun 1997, Eugene Leitl wrote:

> > of my browsing at the office. This is more a marketing than a
> > technological point: How do you convice the potential customer that
> > with wearables, she could work at places where she doesn't want to be
> > in the first place?
> Speak for yourself. Working in the park, in the meadow, in the mountains.
> Untethered.

In a roleplaying campaign set in 2017 I actually thought about this
problem: as enhanced reality became commonplace, lots of
office-workers began to move into the parks, cafes and jogging
tracks. Eventually there was a reaction, and it became socially
unacceptable to be a "walking office" in such places.

(This roleplaying setting also involves plenty of semi-intelligent
agents, "lego corporations" which can be assembled in any way you
like it, enhanced reality games overaild on reality and some rather
bizarre nootropics. I'm having quite a lot of fun working it out,
although the main theme is magic and conspiracy)

> People yearn for wearables. They just don't know it yet. Now this is a
> challenge for marketing.

Very true. I think there will be a demand for wearables once people
realize how useful they are. How will they be useful? People will
invent uses, our speculations are probably quite limited.

Just a few loose ideas: with a camera and a direct link to the police
or some buffer computer you could have an easy way of crime
prevention; if somebody tries to mug you his picture/voiceprint will
be in the police files unless he can disable the wearable without
coming near it (you could have 360 degree coverage). This is similar
to the system mentioned in David Brin's _Earth_. Perfect for nervous

Enhanced reality games overlaid on reality: imagine playing Doom with
your friends for real! Watch out for the car-monsters, they can also
kill for real...

Guide agents that can guide you around, show the optimal path in a
building or demonstrate information.

Collaborative mindmapping and sketching in 3D.

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