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I'm new to this list so I hope I'm doing this well.

Peter McCluskey wrote:
> Of course I should try to evolve all aspects of my existence. I see
> no reason why altruism is the right direction to evolve towards.

The best way for mankind to evolve is with unselfish actions. I share
Richard Dawkins' opinion that the individual is the most important but
for each individual to better prosper and achieve pleasure, cooperation
is the best path and selfishness is the worst. It's like a Prisoner's
Dilemma, the best choice is cooperation and defection will bring ruin to
us all. This is not altruism, it is logical reasoning with the objective
of determining what is better for my personal existance.

> I see no reason to expect any one philosophy to be complete.

Agree, the infinite is our goal.

> A more effective strategy for environmentalism is to channel people's
> selfishness in the right direction

"to channel people's selfishness in the right direction", I love that
sentence. It can be applied to other areas besides Environmentalism.

Hasta la vista...

"No evolutionary future awaits Man except in association with all other
 men." - P.T.De Chardin
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