Re: Talking the Talk and Walking the Talk

ard (
Sat, 31 May 1997 23:21:20 +0200

Chris Thompson,
I really liked your post on "PTs". I identified with one part very much.

> I've been pondering this very subject VERY hard for the past several
> weeks. At the risk of using a cliche, I've come to realize that Wealth
> doesnt equal money. You only need enough to support the lifestyle you
> want. If you do what you want, live where you want, and feel 'Free',
> then you are wealthy. Dont get me wrong, I'd love to be obscenely
> rich. But I think I could live as a PT for actually alot less than I
> make now.

When we first recognized our sovereignty we were bringing in a net of $8K
per month and living on $100 per month. We lived in a 2m x 3m travel
trailer which we parked on the street, moving it every two or three days.
We were a member of the YMCA for $100 per year, so we had full use of all
their facilities, including toilets, showers, pools, weight rooms, etc. We
had food, clothes and shelter and we were free! What more does one want?
Well, a computer for one thing. :-) After about four years of that we
created a small, private park where visitors could also feel free. But we
really had a chance to see how little one needs of "things", and once one
is free from the urge to fill their lives with "things" they are really
free, free to make their own choices without all the shadow voices in the
head giving their opinion to sway their decision. And you don't have to
worry about someone ripping-off your "things". :-) Never locked doors,
never suffered a theft.

> > The family still is and will continue to be important. But still,
> > its not an obstacle for the PT. Event if you travel a lot, you'll
> > probably want to return "home" once in a while.

And there there are many ways to accomplish that. The main thing is, what
is it that holds one back?
What is of greater value than recognizing one's sovereignty?
What's got a hold on you, Baby? :-)