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> Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 13:59:38 -0400 (EDT)
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Perhaps it is because there is an attitude amongst some Extros,
> >much like religious-freaks, that one must believe in the whole package
> >be rejected as a heretic. Many people embrace parts of the Extro view
> >could embrace more, if they were invited in a non-threatening way.
> >Certainly they are open to discussion, we have found.
> I thought the grounds of extropian belief where an open-mind and the fact
> that beliefs aren't forced upon you. Extro thinking (to me) seems to be
> basic, a platform for which to build your own personal concepts of
> and the world around you. Surely anyone with the attitude that you speak
> is not extropic at all!
> Wax
We must agree with you. Most of those on this list do have an
"open-questioning mind", like most of the Mystics we have known. We have
also found what we refer to as the "New-Age Space-Cadets" trying to pass
themselves off as Mystics, but they are generally tolerated at best,
however we usually try to keep a certain distance as they have a tendency
to bring unwarranted scorn about those who embrace Mysticism.
Many Mystics believe that the human race is evolving, rather rapidly
lately, towards what Extros call transhuman. They also embrace all that
man does as being "natural" as we come from and are part of nature. We
have yet to find a good Luddite amongst them. :-)
We are reading the last of the Mars trilogy "Blue Mars" by Kim Stanley
Robinson. He obviously favours the Swiss model of Democracy to some
extent. Have you, or anyone on this list, read these books? If so, what
do you think about some of the ideas he puts forth as regards
terra-forming, politics...self-government, and future colonization?
Is his science sound? We do not have enough background to know if he is
just making this stuff up or if he actually knows what he is talking
(writing) about. He seems to have a wealth of information which he shares
in the books though.