Eric Moeller Takes A-albionic Name in Vain

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Fri, 23 May 1997 06:53:34 -0400

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Since my organization's name was taken in vain by Erik Moeller
below, I feel I must weigh in...... The big Ameican media is controlled
by police state methods, mainly intimidation by the CIA and FBI when the
chips are down. See Ian Goddard's coverage of such activities in the
TWA case and the recent back down of the San Jose Mercury News regarding
the CIA-Contra-Crack connection.

But Erik, America is not a "free enterprise" society. It is State
Capitalism with the most powerful capitalists controlling the
regulations and taxes to their advantage. Fortunately, we don't have
State Socialism where an Elite not only controls the commanding heights
of the economy, but stills independent economic activity on all levels.
Of course, there are plenty of stinking State Socialists like Hilary and
Bill who would like to bring the State into every little aspect of our
daily lives.

Good grief! How can you consider thorough going socialism better
than State Capitalism? At least State Capitalism would leave the people
alone to fend for themselves! State Socialists won't even allow that!

Government is the enemy regardless of whether it is the instrument
of big capital or a stinking socialist elite. America needs vastly more
free enterprise, not less!

You are aware, I assume, that "the people" controlling a government,
any government is a myth. Democracy is a myth by which an elite obtains
the consent of the governed. That is why Kings instituted Parliaments
in the first place!

Erik Moeller wrote:

> Maybe you should ask the guys at a-albionic research how free western
> media are.

> With 15 % poor people, low education standard, a rich power elite,
> propaganda by TV religions and enterprise advertising, growing
> inequality and a hardly existant welfare system, the US are one of the
> saddest examples for free markets ins world history and will remind
> anyone with a little bit of brain capacity of the Middle
> Ages.
> Erik Moeller-

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