ECON: Why Cuba suffers

Brian D Williams (
Wed, 14 May 1997 08:18:41 -0700 (PDT)

Erik Moeller writes:

>Information about the appearance in Cuba of the Thrips palmi
>I.- Description of the facts.
>1-On 21 October 1996, at 10.08 hours, crew members of
> scheduled flight CU- 170 of Cubana de Aviacion (Cuban
> Airlines), on board a Fokker-27 aircraft, flying region
> of Cuba, noticed a single-engine airplane flying from
> north to south, at about 1, 000 feet (300 metres) above
> them, apparently spraying or sprinkling unknown
> substances - some seven times - in an intermittent
> manner.
>2-At that very moment, Cubana de Aviacion Fokker aircraft
> was located 25 to 30 kilo metres south of Varadero, in
> Matanzas Province., flying at an altitude of 9, 000 feet
> and at a speed of 400 kilo metres per hour.
>3-According to scheduled flights, objective radar control
> and recordings of radio conversations between the
> airplanes and ground control when the south in a course
> perpendicular to the Cubana de Aviacion flight was a
> fumigation aircraft Model SAR, register N3093M, of the
> civilian aircraft registry of the United States of
> America, operated by the State Department of that
> country, as stated in the flight authorization requested
> to the Institute registry of civilian aircraft . The
> above-mentioned airplane had taken off from Patrick
> United States Air Force Base, in Cocoa Beach in the state
> of Florida, bound for Grand Cayman.

That's the problem with propaganda, miss one vital fact and the
whole thing collapses.

Do you really expect anyone to believe that a crop spraying
aircraft bearing a U.S. State Dept registry was allowed to overfly
Cuba and dump anything without being shot down or at the very least
molested by Cuban Migs?

For the record, the U.S. isn't anti-Cuba, it's anti-communist, and
anti-Castro, and for good reason, or don't you recall that little
incident about attempting to install Soviet ICBM's 90 mile from our

Prediction: Communism will fall in Cuba when Castro does, and
relations will normalize shortly after that.....