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<snipped Cuban rant>

Sure, heard it all before. Used to listen to Radio Moscow late at
night while on tower duty on the East German border when I was is the
U.S. Army in the early eighties. I remember specifically that we
were using chemical and biological weapons in Afganistan, sabotaging
Aeroflot airliners, building an earthquake machine to destroy the
Motherland, runnning Nazi style deathcamps in Arizona, and kidnaping
and murdering border guards late at night on infiltration missions.
I can only speak from personal knowledge on the later: we hardly
ever kidnapped them, and the only torture I personally witnessed was
when the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders went to OP Alpha on a USO tour,
and those poor East German conscripts were stuck on the other side
going out of their minds trying to get a look.

Several years later I knew the Soviet Union was truely dead when I
was again listening to shortwave and was totally shocked when what I
thought was the BBC identified itself as Radio Moscow. Used to be
you could tell the difference in second. Sometimes I almost miss the
old one. Almost.

Steve Van Sickle