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Sat, 10 May 1997 17:08:40 -0400 (EDT)

The following is from 'Love Your Body', Viktoras Kulvinkas, M.S.:

"Most people suffer digestive disorders...the biggest villian is serving
two concentrated foods that are hard to digest at the same meal. Man's
digestive tract was not made to be a receptacle for an 8 course meal
containing a wide array of poisons...The typical combination of meat,
potatoes (sic), butter or margarine, a glass of milk along with an array
of highly processed carbohydrates (bread, pastries), has produced the
sickest nation on this planet.

"Protein requires acid digestive juices, while starch and sweet food
requirte alkaline. You cannot digest both at the same time. Dairy products
are highly alkaline, so they interfere with meat digestion. Fat interferes
with protein digestion.

"Poorly combined food remains too many hours in the digestive tract. In
this warm environment it rots and/or ferments, producing a wide range of
poisons, headache, and an unloving disposition.

"Vegetables take longer to digest than fruit; combining them in a single
meal can cause fermentation."

The guy is a bit of a hippie and he needs a better proofreader but what he
is saying seems to make sense. He gives a chart of good/bad combinations:


Protein and leafy greens
Starch and veg.
Oil and leafy greens.
Oil and acid fruit.
Oil and subacid fruit (non-citrus I guess)


Protein and acid fruit
Leafy greens and acid fruit
Leafy Greens and subacid fruit


Protein and starch
Oil and protein
Starch and fruit

Thought this above may be interesting to list members.

This is the only book on nutrition that I possess, can anyone recomend any
other/better sources?



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