Re: "Food combining"
Sat, 10 May 1997 17:00:02 -0400 (EDT)

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>Right. And thats the whole deal about food combining: one food group at a
>time, and in an order according to water content- fruit then veggies then
>grains, with at least an hour inbetween. The diet uses less energy to
>food, thus giving u more energy out of your food.

As I've pointed out, there is no scientific evidence for this assertion, and
the assertors display a distressing lack of basic biology knowledge. If this
were actually true, since Westerners already get more energy than they need
from their food (that's why so many are fat), proper food combiners would
tend to be even fatter. "Not enough energy from food" is simply not a
problem even for the strictest vegan.

The only grain of truth here is that digestion, particularly of fiber and
starch, does take a lot of water, and eating this way means you'll have
gotten a lot of water before your starches. But there's no need to get the
water for digesting the beans by eating fruit 2 hours in advance - drinking a
glass with the meal wil work just as well.