Re: Non-feeling, or just sensible?

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 10 May 1997 15:09:55 -0400 wrote:
> Dear list,
> I had an interesting experience this week. My little brother's
> girlfriend had a daughter (my niece). I /am/ now and "uncle". My whole
> family seemed to think this was /supposed to/ mean something to me. I found
> nothing particularly exciting about it. After all, it isn't my child. Nor
> does /being/ an "uncle" change who I /am/. My whole family (none of whom are
> extropians) seemed to think I was uncaring or something. I simply saw no
> /big deal/ in the whole matter. Would you classify me as "non-feeling" or
> just "sensible"? I think it's just an aspect of rational self interest,
> myself. I thank you for any comments you have.
> Shawn M. Johnson
I just went throught the same thing in October. They especially didn't
like my comment that it seems that only the morons in the world are
reproducing, which seems to indicate a possible beginnning of a
devolution of the race....
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