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> } >Nope, u can get more protein from beans than from meat. Vegan diet gives
> } >you so much nutrition its crazy.
> If this was the case then why did we start eating meat in the first
> place? If because it tastes good, *why* do we think meat tastes good?

Hunter-gatherers could not cultivate any plants, so they had to find
nourishing vegetables by gathering them. This means that beans and other
high-nutrient vegetables could not be relied on for food, especially out
of season. Humans are opportuntistic omnivores (like many other animals;
sheep seem to enjoy eating eggs and young birds if they can find the
nests) and use all available sources of nutrition, both plants and
animals (hence our multi-purpose set of teeth).

We like fat and sugars because they were rather scarce in the past - if
you found them, eat them by all means, because you'll never know when
you'll find more food. This is the reason most people love chocolate:
fat, sugar, minerals and some psychoactive compunds at once.

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