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} >Nope, u can get more protein from beans than from meat. Vegan diet gives
} >you so much nutrition its crazy.

If this was the case then why did we start eating meat in the first
place? If because it tastes good, *why* do we think meat tastes good?

And I must say, one serving of beans doesn't seem to give anywhere the
amount of protein that a serving of lean meat does. More fiber, less
fat, yes, but 8g vs. 17+g of protein.

} It's a pity, really. Calorie restriction is a great way to extend lifespan.
} If all I had to do was to eat meat and potatoes together and nothing would
} get digested, I'd be set.

Speaking of which, one idea the calorie-restriction people kick around
is whether previous nutritional research, particularly on the benefits
of vegetarianism and low-fatness, were actually studies of mild calorie
restriction. Is it "fat bad (for some chemical reason)" or "excess
calories bad, and fat translates to lots of calories"?

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