Re: Vegan Diet (was Re: Practical Extropianism)
Thu, 8 May 1997 14:24:05 -0400 (EDT)

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><< >The only thing better is a noncooked,, organic,
>>living foods diet. I go for milk too though. Proper food combining is a
>>must too, drink water before eating fruit before veggies before grains.

>You should check up on that. I've yet to see any scientific references on
>food combining.

I did, in an excellent book called Fit for Life, written by a

>>You know what the worst food combination is? Meat and potatoes. The
>>chemicals in each cancel out the digestive chemicals in your stomach,
>>becoming undigestibabl and rotting in your stomach and intestines for a day
>>like it was sitting in the hot sun.

>This is horsehockey. The digestive chemicals in your stomach are
>hydrochloric and butyric acid. Neither meat nor potatoes (nor any other
>you'd eat) will cancel that.

Fit For Life explains how that process works, it has to do with acids and
bases I believe. All foods require a certain counterpart chemical in our
bodies to complete the digestion, and some chemicals can cancel each other

>It's a pity, really. Calorie restriction is a great way to extend lifespan.
> If all I had to do was to eat meat and potatoes together and nothing would
>get digested, I'd be set.

Actually, doing that would probably result in a hospital visit. That
combination releases tons of waste and harmful byproducts.