Re: "Save the poor children" and "Pyramids"

Erik Moeller (
Wed, 07 May 1997 21:06:25 +0200

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> Not to mention that he is wholly inaccurate. While the differential
> between our richest citizens and poorest citizens is larger than
> anywhere else, we still have the richest poor people in the world (save
> countries like Luxembourg and Kuwait that have no poor citizens, the
> poor ones are non citizens). How many nations count a TV, VCR, and
> automobile as part of a poverty level existence?

See the end of my reply to Mr. Metzger and take a look at the real
effects and extent of poverty in the US.

TV is a guaranteed necessity in Germany. It can't be seized in any case.

Best way to manipulate large numbers of people. No free decision.

> If you think its just my American bias, listen to Stalin's grandson who
> is on record as saying: "In my country, we struggle to make everyone
> equally poor, while in your country, you struggle to make everyone
> equally rich." That is the essential difference between socialist and
> free market economies.

Oh, it was Stalin's grandson. Then he must be right, of course.

In the US, politicians struggle to make the rich richer. That's all.

Erik Moeller